About Bergstrom Standard Products


Bergstrom Standard Products is a global division of Bergstrom Inc that provides total Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions to OEM and aftermarket customers in North America, Europe & Developing regions who require a flexible and rapid approach to creative HVAC solutions from a global manufacturer with world class capabilities.

Through a dedicated team of HVAC specialists , Bergstrom Standard Products offer a wide range of standard HVAC systems from within Bergstrom Inc. and its partner companies; KYSOR and Dirna Bergstrom.

Our range of Mobile Air Conditioning systems includes Heaters, Ventilation Systems, Air Conditioning and HVAC including complete Climate Control Systems. We can also supply Condensors, Compressors, Evaporative Coolers, Parking Coolers (No-Idle) and various Accessories.

Our products are designed and built for the Automotive Industry, including Commercial, On Road, Off Road and Heavy Industry markets for vehicles such as Car, Van, Minibus, Motor Home, Ambulance, Security, Military, Agricultural, Construction and Mining.

If one of our extensive range of Standard Products does not meet your requirements, Bergstrom Standard Products have the expertise to design and develop a custom HVAC solution for your vehicle, no matter what type, size or annual volume.

Bergstrom Standard Products can supply standalone units or full systems including:

- Evaporators
- Condensers
- Compressors
- Hose Kits
- Automatic Temperature Controls (ATC)

For more information on our products, please view our Standard Product Catalogues or alternatively Submit An Enquiry for a custom HVAC Solution